equipment cards

The link below takes you to a spreadsheet where you can enter information at the top and it will put those values entered into the appropriate areas on the equipment card. These cards are for you to print yourself on cardstock (110# paper).

At the top, in the left-hand column, enter the game date (mm/dd/yy format), the kickoff time (hh:mm), special event (homecoming, seniors night, etc.), the home team, and the visiting team.

In the right-hand column, enter the names of the five game officials.

You can see below that your names are shown in the top card, with a card generated for both teams. In the bottom card, the equipment area, our logo is at the top right of each card, and there is one card for each team, with their team name printed.

After entering the information, you’re ready to print. You need to print, in color, on 110# paper (cardstock), for the best results. See a sample print preview below.


After printing, use the score line as a guide to cut the cards. The cards with your names on them replace the green coach’s cards we’ve handed out in the past.

You can hand those to the both coaches during your pregame conference. Give the equipment cards to your wing officials to start filling out. Once complete, collect the cards from your crew members and hand to each head coach.

NCOA South Football Equipment Card

High School Football Officials